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Apr 5, 2011

Demons Love Cinnamon by Kate Richards

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Title: Demons Love Cinnamon
Author: Kate Richards
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Publisher: Breathless Press 
Genre: Paranormal/Erotic Romance
Length: 40 pgs.
Reviewed by: Rob's Wife

Cover: 4
Presentation: 4
Editing: 4
Story: 5
Writing Ability: 5

Overall Card Rating

About The Book:
Archaic and powerful demon, Alessandro, knew never to disappoint his overlord, but Samhain night on Earth is a new experience for this red-hot guy. When a captivating scent leads him to a Halloween party, he finds Gwenny. The witch is everything he never even knew to dream of. The only problem is, he's due back in Hell in the morning with somebody’s soul…and it looks like it may be hers.

Unable to resist Alessandro's wicked allure, Gwenny doesn’t realize the danger she's in until their night of passion comes to an end. If Lucifer's demands are refused, will they both survive, or will Gwenny lose her heart and soul to her cinnamon-loving demon?

The Review:
Demons Love Cinnamon is a paranormal short story with a twist between a demon and a witch and I could not put it down. The storyline was well developed and flowed nicely at a pace that kept me turning the pages. The author's writing style was easy to read and I felt the emotion of the characters from scene to scene.

The only complaint I would have was that it ended way too soon as it was a very short read. I felt at times that the author seemed a bit rushed and could have fleshed out the story just a bit more, so the reader really had the time to get to know the characters a bit better. 

However, this small detail was not enough to keep me from devouring this story. I could not put this book down until I had finished and look forward to reading more by this author. Demons Love Cinnamon is in my keeper pile. It's a fantastic story by Kate Richards. 

Pagan Elements: Samhain Rituals


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