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Apr 5, 2011

Bloodlines by Jessica Lee

The Pagan & The Pen Book Reviews

Title: Bloodlines
Author: Jessica Lee
Publisher: Breathless Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Length: 115 pages
Reviewed By: Madeline Smoot

Ratings For:
Cover: 4
Presentation: 4
Editing: 4
Story: 5
Writing Ability: 5

Overall Card Rating: 

About the Book: 
Evin KinKaid, the only son of the KinKaid pack’s alpha, has a secret. One that will tear his family apart. In two years, Evin is to succeed his father as alpha leader and continue the dominate bloodline of his family. There’s only one problem: Evin is gay. When Evin is pushed into the bed of his intended female mate, he’s forced to reveal the truth. And for an alpha male wolf shifter promised to a female whose goal is to one day be queen…come out has never been more explosive.

Mason Thorne II, heir to Thorn Global Inc., life is a lie. To sustain his father’s love, Mason has agreed to stay in the family business and to one day assume his place as CEO. Instead of reaching for his heart’s desire, he’s settled for a life that’s not his own. But an unexpected auto accident will send both Evin and Mason into each other’s arms and down a path toward a destiny neither man can escape: an eternity sealed in blood.

The Review: 
Evin KinKaid is a man with a mountain of problems; an arranged marriage, being heir to his father’s pack, and being gay is making for an explosive mix. When he attempts to explain to his childhood friend and betrothed about his sexual orientation she immediately betrays him, which earns him banishment from the pack.

Mason Thorne II is the quintessential trust fund baby, complete with overpowering father. While bending to his father’s will when it comes to his education and his profession with the family business, he also mildly rebels by taking a vacation with his guitar. While on the way home from this holiday he crashes his car and finds his saving grace in the form of Evin KinKaid, mechanic/sex-on-a-stick.

This book is an absolute paranormal masterpiece that grabs you at the first word and refuses to let you go until the very end. The struggles that each of the men experience is both realistic and can be universal when it comes to the need to please. The multi-dimensional characters force the reader to fall in love with them and their struggle as they fall in love.

Along with being a moving love story, the sex scenes are deliciously naughty. The author builds each encounter to perfection making sure to include the pure love, lust, and emotions into every caress, culminating in an exquisite explosion. This is definitely a must read and a must re-read.

Pagan Elements: N/A


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