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May 5, 2010

Letting Go by Michele Zurlo


Title:  Letting Go
Author:  Michele Zurlo
Publisher:  Siren Publishing
Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, BDSM
Length: 278 pages 
Other:  BDSM *  M/F * Spanking *  Voyeurism *Exhibitionism *
Pagan & Pagan Elements: No
Reviewed by: Brandi

About The Book: No man has ever satisfied Sabrina Breszewski in bed. She doesn’t want a husband, but thanks to her grandfather’s will, she needs one, and soon. Impulsively, she proposes to a stranger in the conference room at the advertising agency for which she works.
Jonas Spencer has been married before. He’s a cynic, but the chance to be with the beautiful, powerful advertising executive is too good to let pass. He accepts Sabrina’s proposal in exchange for the promise of the passion boiling just below the surface, the passion into which she cannot tap.

Layer by layer, he peels away her carefully-constructed façade, helping Sabrina find passion and showing her the power was always hers. As Sabrina falls in love with Jonas, she must confront the lingering shadows of his first marriage. Can she help him let go of the past, or will he use it to throw away the future?

The Review: At the book’s center is the story of two people involved in a BDSM relationship, trying to make it work within the course of their everyday lives. Michele Zurlo has done an excellent job of creating characters that are easily relatable, and desirable. The reader is led through family issues, love, betrayal – but in such a way that every situation, regardless of how implausible it seems, is fun to read.

My one complaint is on Ms. Zurlo’s writing style. It took me awhile to get into the flow of the story, as the first few chapters involve much ‘telling’ – just plainly explaining to the reader the background story and what’s going on, instead of investing words in description and dialogue. The pattern continues through the book, and left me feeling bored in some spots.

However, Ms. Zurlo’s erotic scenes are superb. She combines the sensual with the forbidden, the romantic with the kinky, in such a way that has you panting and ready to find someone to  “play” with. The characters emotions are clearly revealed, and their desires, while not conventional, are definitely  sexy.

All in all, a good read.

Pagan Elements: no

Cover (Rated 1-10): 7 -  the cover is very sexy, and well done, but generic. It is not specific to the story, and could be used for any title.


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