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Mar 20, 2011

The Spider Prince (Desert Princes of Jikkar, #4) by Rebecca Goings


Title: The Spider Prince (Desert Princes of Jikkar, #4)
Author:  Rebecca Goings
Publisher: Carnal Passions
Genre: Erotic/Romance/Fantasy
Length: 161 pgs.
Reviewed by: yadkny

Cover: 5
Presentation: 5
Editing: 4.5
Story: 5
Writing Ability: 5

Overall Card Rating

About The Book: Amani Bantish has been passed over five times for marriage. She fears she has no hope for a husband until finally, the Spider Prince accepts her as his bride. Not for love, but to bear him an heir.
Two years ago, Ziyad Bihar lost his first wife, Karis, and their unborn son under the hooves of a raider’s horse. No one else could possibly compare to the woman he’d once loved, therefore his new bride will not be his princess.
But Ziyad cannot deny that the more he gets to know Amani, the more he fantasizes about his minx of a wife. Yet his loyalty to Karis pulls him deeper into his despair. When Amani’s life is threatened by the very man responsible for Karis’s death, Ziyad realizes he must fight for the woman he loves, or risk losing it all again.
The Review:
Their union was one of expectation, duty, and responsibility not forged from the bonds of love.

Since the death of Karis, it has taken years for the Spider to collect Amani as his bride. He made sure to explain what was expected of her before their nuptials, so there was no mistaking the son-bearing yet loveless life she would lead. Amani knew going in to the arrangement what she would never receive from the Spider, but she secretly held a spark of hope for it anyway. After repeated marriage rejections from both princes and commoners alike, she feels dejected, defeated, and self-conscious, so this may be her last chance, but at what price? As the emotional rollercoaster takes it’s toll on Amani, Ziyad feels guilty and confused over the effect Amani seems to have on him. He can’t deny the physical attraction, but can he break away from the pain and death of his past and open his heart for the woman who can bring love and life to his future?

I couldn't help but fall in love with Ziyad from his earliest appearance in a previous book to this series. Likewise with Amani, but I really felt for her character more in this story because while she has everything she’s ever dreamt of having her circumstance with the Spider is still so tragic. Her respect and admiration for him is unquestionable and it was hard to see the Spider somewhat detached and unfeeling toward her. Of course, the mixed signals he was sending her due to his own confused and denied feelings didn’t help either. Amazingly enough, Amani still manages to restore some of her self-confidence while conversing with others and during intimate moments with the Spider. Amani’s quiet grace and dignity mixed with a somewhat defiant attitude really appealed to me.

Much of the story is centered on our leading couple with an emotionally intense yet appropriately fast pace. When the story moves back to the overall series plotline, it’s done brilliantly with shocking turn of event results and a little teaser into the Jackal Prince’s future. I am impatiently awaiting the next installment to this fabulous series and encourage every reader of romance to give it a try. To better understand the overall storyline, I fully recommend starting with The Viper Prince (Desert Princes of Jikkar, #1), and if that’s not enough encouragement just take a look at all of the delicious covers there are to choose from. You’ll think you’ve found and read your favorite until Ms. Goings writes the next one.

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