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Feb 5, 2011

Claiming The Evil Dead (Soul Catcher Series, #1) by Mary Abshire

Title: Claiming The Evil Dead (Soul Catcher Series, #1)
Author: Mary Abshire
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Genre: Paranormal/Romance
Length: 321pgs.
Reviewed by: yadkny

Cover: 4.5
Presentation: 4.5
Editing: 4.5
Story: 5
Writing Ability: 5

Overall Card Rating

About The Book: Half-demon Jessie Garrett is searching for an evil vampire that's been preying upon children. She wants to claim the rogue vamp's soul and send it to hell. To find the dead man walking she must partner with another bloodsucker, Drake, even though she doesn't trust him. While Jessie works with Drake, she learns not all vampires are killers and discovers the cold-blooded vamp is a temptation too difficult to resist.
After the fiend abducts another child and Jessie has a near fatal experience with vampires, she turns to Jeremy, a demon she bumped into at a club, and makes a deal with him for his help. Drake disapproves, and Jessie soon finds herself wedged between two volatile creatures. When the chance comes to save the child's life and claim the evil vamp's soul, she must decide whom she can trust—a vampire who cools her feverish desires, or a demon hell-bent on seducing her.

The Review:
Jessie is one hot half demon – literally. Her body temperature is such that every day can feel like the middle of summer. She also has a temper that can flare off the charts at a moments notice, but it’s not all bad. Being half demon also comes with some extraordinary healing capabilities. We're talking break her neck kind of healing. It also comes with one more unexplainable ability that is probably the most important, and one she uses to the fullest extent that she can – soul sucking. Of course, not many people know these things about her and she prefers to keep it that way. It isn’t until the day she meets the enigmatic and quietly charming Drake that everything changes.

Drake has been around for a long time, so he's seen a lot in his immortal life, but all it takes is one look at Jessie from afar and he knows there’s something special and different about her. When he sees firsthand just how special she is, he can’t help but be both awe and frightened of her at the same time. His proposition appeals to her both financially and morally, so with a slight hesitation she accepts. With these two working together the bad guys never stood a chance, alive or dead.

The physical attraction between the two might be immediate but it’s a slow build to something explosive. In many ways, Jessie is Drake’s ultimate temptation, but Jessie gets a few temptations of her own, and it looks like this particular demon flavored one refuses to go away.

Jessie’s character quirks are endearing and she makes quite the first impression, but she is who she is and makes no apologies, which is very admirable. She kicks butt, takes out evil, and does it all in a skirt and heels, no less. She's the kind of heroine that just dives right in to any situation and although her abilities can cause her a great deal of pain, discomfort, and disgust, she doesn't let that stop her from doing what’s right. She might have a tragic past, but she’s definitely not a tragic hero. She survives and moves on.

The pacing is excellent, with tons of suspense, and loads of witty dialogue. From the start, there is no pause in the action, which happens to be very descriptively well done. The rest of the cast of characters might be an odd and humorous assortment, which is perfect for the story, but there’s also enough mystery surrounding each of them that you’ll find yourself wanting to learn more.

The ending is perfectly balanced with enough story to satisfy the reader looking for that happily-ever-after while at the same time setting it up for book two. After having read the first installment to The Soul Catcher series, without reservation I recommend this goose bump inducing, yet dangerously sexy thrill ride of a story.

Pagan Elements: A half demon working for the good of humanity and a demon working for himself.


Disclaimer: Due to FTC regulations, any book reviewed on this site was sent for free by the author to The Pagan & The Pen. We are not paid to give reviews by Author or Publisher. Once review has been made, said books are deleted.


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