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Aug 5, 2011

Haunted by Debra Glass

Title: Haunted
Author: Debra Glass
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Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: YA Romance
Length: 192 pgs.
Reviewed by: BettyJean Pryor

Cover: 4
Presentation: 4
Editing: 5
Story: 5
Writing Ability: 5

Overall Card Rating

About The Book:  Can a heart still love once it stops beating?
My hopes of having a normal life died when I did. Especially since my near death experience turned me into a clairvoyant with a disfiguring scar. Not exactly most-popular material.

Now, because of me, my whole family has been forced to move to some small town in Tennessee. My parents think a quiet new school and a new set of friends will heal me of the scars I carry both inside and out.

There’s just one problem. Jeremiah Ransom, the charming ghost of a Civil War soldier who lived and died in my house, is haunting me. His presence makes me feel perfect. As if there’d never been a wound in the first place.  But I’m afraid that loving him will result in my death all over again.

The Review: This is a wonderful story about tragedy, young love, and possibilities.  Wren is a character that anyone can relate to in many ways.  The idea of falling in love with a ghost is explored in every way.  This book grabs you from the beginning.  The author really brings her characters to life with the vivid descriptions of their feelings and activities.  Young adults are sure to enjoy this book and be able to relate to the characters.
Pagan Elements: None


Debra Glass said...

Wow! Thank you so much for a wonderful review of Haunted. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)

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