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Aug 5, 2011

Cross-Stitch and Brimstone by Stephanie Beck

Title: Cross-Stitch and Brimstone
Author: Stephanie Beck
Publisher: Breathless Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Length: 20 pgs.
Reviewed By: Madeline Smoot

Ratings For:
Cover: 5
Presentation: 4
Editing: 4 
Story: 3
Writing Ability: 4
Overall Card Rating: 

About the Book:
Marc kills demons. While he doesn’t love it, he’s happy to do his job, keeping people safe and destroying the brethren of the demons who stole his human life.

Beth lives quietly, content to stitch her samplers and fancywork in an era she wasn’t born to but is magically destined to live through.

A late night visit changes both Marc and Beth’s worlds, reuniting them after over a hundred years, long after their love affair ended tragically during the Civil War. Back together, the two must decide what their future holds as they battle the real threat—a demon with a bad case of rose envy.

The Review:
A delightful story of lost love reunites with a paranormal twist is the best way to describe the novella, Cross-Stitch and Brimstone. With well thought out characters, this book comes to life with the story of Beth and Marc. The love scene fits the story perfectly while the two reunite after 150 years of separation. The only real flaw that I found in this heartwarming story is that it seemed a bit rushed. I would love to see the heart of the story expanded into a full-length novel and the character described in more detail.

This heartwarming story of love rekindled is both a classic and a refreshing look at the paranormal genre. This is definitely an author to watch and to enjoy for years to come.


steph beck said...

thanks so much for reading Cross Stitch and Brimstone and for the great review.
Stephanie Beck

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