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Aug 5, 2011

Listen to Your Heart by Cindy K. Green

Title: Listen to Your Heart
Author: Cindy K. Green
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Historical Romance
Length: 34 pgs.
Reviewed by: Lana Sullivan

Cover: 4
Presentation: 4
Editing: 3
Story: 4
Writing Ability: 5
Overall Card Rating

About The Book:

Kit McCauley is beyond excited over her upcoming wedding to Beau Tucker. They’re choosing furniture for his ranch, her mother has made her wedding dress, and life just couldn’t get any better. Then a woman arrives calling Beau by a different name, and Kit’s world crashes in.
Beau thought he’d left his past behind, but Lillian Davis has tracked him down with news that could ruin his plans with Kit. Duty forces him to face his past, but his heart isn’t sure where his future will end up.

The Review:
Cindy Green never fails to satisfy, at least in the books I’ve read. Listen to Your Heart is a follow-up novella to The Heart Never Lies, written to appease the readers who begged for more. It stands on its own in passion, characterization, and plot, packing the next stage of Kit and Beau’s tale into one quick read, although I’m sure it would be even more fun to read following THNL.
I do have to register my usual disgruntlement with the editing - too many typos that should have been caught by a copy editor. I wish the publisher would put as much heart into their books as the authors do. I don’t recommend you skip this book because of it, but I have to acknowledge the typos for the readers who are put off by them.


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