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Aug 5, 2011

A Librarian’s Desire by Ava Delany

Title: A Librarian’s Desire
Author: Ava Delany
Publisher: Breathless Press
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Length: 28 pgs.
Reviewed by: yadkny

Cover: 4
Presentation: 4
Editing: 5
Story: 3
Writing Ability: 3.5

Overall Card Rating:

About The Book: When an innocent preppy girl gets too drunk at his frat party, Daniel knows he has to keep her safe. Prequel to Librarian's Love.

Erica loves her studies. Library Science, the smell of history…it intoxicates her. But when she gets drunk at a frat party and reveals a bit more than she intends to in a game of Never Have I Ever, she finds her life of books and card catalogues not quite as satisfying as the handsome man whose attention she attracts.

The mousy librarian doing drunken keg stands grabs Daniel's attention from across the room. What a fascinating study in contrasts—one he can't wait to discover what mysteries her drab blouse and glasses may hide. And after hearing her sexy answers during Never Have I Ever, he's more determined than ever to know her secrets before the game is done.

The Review:
A fun celebratory night out was what Erica wanted, but a night she couldn’t remember the next morning was what she got instead.
Daniel knew there was more to the little librarian than met the eye. So many guises for one woman has him utterly fascinated, and wanting to learn more about her. What could possibly be better than finding a sexy enigmatic woman with a kinky side dressed as a librarian?
So short but still so good. The story is quick-paced, humorous, exciting, but most of all, very sexy. Erica is a relatable, hard-working character with layers to her personality. Daniel is handsome and confident but in a laid-back sort of way with a bit of dominance to his personality. I very much enjoyed Ms. Delany’s writing style and would definitely recommend this story to readers looking for an erotic short.
Readers should be aware that this story is a prequel to The Librarian’s Love, also by Ava Delany, which carries on with a bit more of Erica and Daniel’s story.


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