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May 19, 2011

A Wicked Wolf by Brenda Williamson

The Pagan & The Pen Book Reviews

Title: A Wicked Wolf
Author: Brenda Williamson
Publisher: Red Savage Publishing
Genre: Paranormal/Wolf Shape shifting/ Erotic Romance
Length: 207 pages
Reviewed By: Madeline Smoot

Ratings For:
Cover: 5
Presentation: 5
Editing: 3
Story: 4
Writing Ability: 5

Overall Card Rating: 

About the Book: (Blurb from website)
Real Estate agent Randi Brown works the rich crowd, selling high-priced homes. With her parents dead it’s up to her to financially support two teenage siblings and she wants to spread her wings by negotiating a billion dollar land deal. Only the landowner, a business mogul no one has seen in years isn’t interested in selling his mountain to a development corporation, and Randi sets out to change his mind any way possible, even if that means sleeping with the reclusive billionaire.

After two years, since his wife’s brutal murder, Nicholas “Nick” Wolfe prefers to mourn her than get involved in business. So he lives cut off from society on Wolfe Mountain. Through his attorney, he’s offered billions, but no one knows to what extent the value of the land is more than the inhabitants—the Lycans, human wolf-like animal shifters.

When Randi shows up on the mountain one rainy night, Nick tries to fight the desires of the wolf in him to take a mate. Unfortunately, nature has made it impossible to resist the animalistic urges strengthened by the influences of a full moon and the power of lust in this woman’s eyes. Can love know no bounds?

Randi has no idea of where this torrid affair can lead until she learns the gruesome details of a woman’s murder by a creature not quite human. Then she becomes the next target and she discovers how falling in love can lead to a fatal attack from a Lycan. 

The Review:
A Wicked Wolf is the tantalizing story of Randi Brown, a real estate developer, and Nick Wolfe, a billionaire business man and Lycan. The age old scenario of girl meets boy is ratcheted up a few notches when the boy happens to be a shape shifting wolf, under the spell of the full moon, and the girl is a more than willing siren.

Every moment the two main characters are in each other’s presence the sparks fly with one mouthwatering scene after another. I couldn’t get enough of these two characters and the events that surround them. The only flaw in the entire book is that the editing is a bit rough, but that doesn’t detract from the story as a whole.

This book gives the reader a little bit of everything from a heartwarming love story to secrets that must be uncovered. Add to that mix a guy who is the definition of sex on a stick with the stamina to make any woman feel weak in the knees and you have a world class combination. This is a definite must read and I can’t wait to see what else Brenda Williamson releases. 


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