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Apr 20, 2011

A Soldier’s Story by Iona Blair

The Pagan & The Pen Book Reviews

Title: A Soldier’s Story
Author: Iona Blair
Publisher: Carnal Passions
Genre: m-m/GLBT/romance/erotic
Length: 66 pages
Reviewed By: Madeline Smoot

Ratings For:
Cover: 4
Presentation: 4
Editing: 3
              Story: 5
Writing Ability: 5

Overall Card Rating: 

About the Book: 
Amidst the dangers of war torn Afghanistan, an army officer finds himself irresistibly drawn to another soldier. The forbidden attraction shakes him to the core and plunges him into a bitter inner conflict.

But the battle against these new and disturbing desires is not the only war he must fight. A patrol goes missing, under suspicious circumstances, while on routine surveillance. The subsequent media interest and the shocking truth as it unfolds, challenges his belief system and rocks the comfortable world he grew up in.

The Review:
While serving in Afghanistan, Canadian Lieutenant Jay Sutherland discovers more than the usual secrets of surviving in the sun scorched war zone. Along with his more serious duties of keeping his men safe, he finds himself lusting after one of his subordinates, Corporal Darren Morrison. Battling himself over the realization that he is in lust and eventually love with another man, he sinks into a dangerous downhill spiral.

Darren Morrison has wanted a piece of his Lieutenant ever since he laid eyes on him lighting from an armored vehicle in the Afghan desert. When Jay saves his life after he and his squad is buried in a cave-in, he is excited and longing for his lover. Once home he reunites with Jay to find the man he loves spiraling out of control.

This story allows the reader to have a shocking and seemingly realistic glimpse into the life of a soldier who not only has to cope with war and adjust to coming home, but also the fact that he is secretly bisexual. The emotional turmoil of the lead character is almost more than a reader can take with a dry eye. Adding to that the very emotional and erotic love scenes between Jay and Darren are in stark contrast to the harsh encounters with his female partners.

There is nothing more rewarding than reading a story that allows the reader to feel the full spectrum of emotions. This is one of my top picks for its thought-provoking emotional rawness that make me pull for the hero.

Pagan Elements: None


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